Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why Campus Ministry is Important

Here is an article that I wrote for our campus ministry newsletter. Feel free to use it if you would like. If you do and you could let me know as well that would be cool.

Without Campus ministry we lose a very valuable part of the church. To me, campus ministry takes care of the students in college who are often neglected by the church. It gives them a place to continue to grow as students of faith in a Lutheran setting. There are so many organizations that can seem appealing to a student and lead them away from the faith. A Lutheran campus ministry helps to fill that void before that happens.

If we do not work with people when they are younger we lose the opportunity to equip them for leadership in the church. Because they have a place to go in college and continue in the Lutheran faith, they are much more likely to become elders or even consider studying for the office of the holy ministry.

Christ the King Lutheran Chapel has probably been one of the single most important influences in my college life. In the few years that I have been here I can safely say that my faith and knowledge of God has greatly increased. I can also see this in the eyes of my classmates all around me. This is truly what campus ministry is designed to do. Its purpose is to maintain and nurture the faith in Jesus Christ that exists in those who attend. It helps to make sure that that faith is nurtured with solid biblical teaching and worship. There are so many organizations on campus that fail to meet this criteria.

I wish that every college student would have the opportunity to experience what I have at the chapel. Unfortunately, not everyone has this same blessing. I am grateful that the Lord has placed me in such a place where I can learn and grow and not have to leave campus to do so. This place has truly become my home. From the wonderful congregation to the great pastors that we get to work with, it is the best thing that we can offer a college student. In 30 years I probably won't remember anything about some of the classes I am taking, but I guarantee that I will remember the experiences the chapel has created for me in my life and the lives of so many before me. Hopefully, this place will be around for many years for people to come and serve and to help create other opportunities like it.


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Ditto what you said. Immanual Lutheran Church in Rolla, MO, with its Lutheran Student Center, was invaluable to me.

Joe Fremer said...

A well-written, thoughtful, and genuine piece. Blessings on the new semester, Andrew!