Friday, June 17, 2005

God is the pilot, I am the wingman

I suppose I have a witty title designed for my blog. To me that was my rule that I needed before I was going to start one. The title that I ended up using is something that has been sitting on my desktop. Well actually in a notes widget for those that know what that is. Anyways this thought conveys to me that God is alone the leader of my life. I am along for the ride in a sense while still helping with the navigation and keeping the pathe on course. With this blog I plan to write some thoughts that I have about the world of Christianity and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod of which I am a member. I do not claim to know much about doctrines or theology but attempt to try to figure them out anyways. Hopefully through writing and some comments from other readers it will be possible for me to gain a better understanding of faith and my mindset.


Preachrboy said...


Welcome to the Blogosphere! You may or may not know that there is a thriving Lutheran contingent here, especially of the LCMS variety. You can list your blog for free with the Lutheran Blog Directory:

There you can also find many other interesting and helpful Lutheran blogs.

My comment on your first post would be that a better analogy is that "God is the pilot. I am the passenger." A wing-man, or copilot, could actually take over in case the pilot is incapacitated, right? But a passenger depends totally on the Pilot to get him where he is going. Just a thought.

Blessings in your studies!

Andrew said...

You make a good point one that I had not thought of. Thanks for the input. I do agree with you very much in that sense.

Interim Admin said...

Welcome to my fellow Lutheran Michigander! I used to drive through Mt. Pleasant often on the way to the U.P. We used to live in Houghton and Marquette. I graduated from NMU.

Maybe Caspar, you and I might meet some day.


Caspar said...

Welcome to the Lutheran blogosphere, Andrew! We're all learning right along with you!