Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Interesting Wedding

So I thought I might share an interesting story about a wedding I went to on Saturday. Well it started out that we couldn't find where the wedding chapel it was supposed to be at was. It was supposed to be over by a gazebo which clearly was not a very good description because it was hardly visible.

But that is not really the interesting part. The minister who proceeded over the wedding was female. Obviously being Lutheran and all this was a little strange to me. So not only was I a little wierded out by the sheer fact that a female minister performed the wedding it gets better. While we were at the reception I happened to overhear the bride talking to one of her family members and I quote "She really is a AAA insurance adjustor but she is also an ordained minister." At that point I didn't really know what to think. But as far as people being ordained this didn't seem like the type of person who qualified. First being female but then to be an insurance claims adjustor. Who knows all I know is that to call yourself ordained seems to need a little more respect given to the position.


Bob Waters said...

Paul made tents for a living at one point.

Of course, he was a man, and thus the possibility of his being divinely called even so was open.

Ordination is something various churches have differing standards for. But no church, to my knowlege, dictates that a person not have any other source of income.

Joe Fremer said...

Bob is right. I've met many ordained Baptist ministers who held "day jobs" as shoe salesmen, etc. because their tradition has a different culture about how big a "normal-sized" church is, etc.

I would add that ordination, to the extent that human custom has shaped it, isn't really the issue. The Apostle Paul would probably raise an eyebrow at meeting this "ordained" priestess, but I'm guessing he wouldn't speak up unless she called herself a "pastor." Strictly speaking, God does not forbid ordination of females. He forbids a woman to have pastoral authority over a church. My two cents.

Did you see Meet The Fockers? I loved the wedding scene at the end--Owen Wilson does a hilarious job at portraying the end result of a truly post-modern, post-Christian attitude toward "spirituality."

Der Lutheraner said...

Of course, it could have been an online ordination through the Universal Life Church....no specific beliefs required!

Revem said...


I am a female minister who is about to be ordained. I am interested in your opinion about Paul and his response to women as pastors. There are many places in the bible where Paul refers and even exhorts women in roles. Phoebe is a good example.

Paul is also someone who was strong on people being equal in Christ.

I am a minister, I firmly believe I was called by God into this ministry, and will continue to worship and serve God with the gifts, abilities and call he has blessed me with.