Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My First Bible Study

Here is the information that I used for my first Bible study that I led tonight.

Law and Gospel

Thesis 1

The doctrinal contents of the entire Holy Scriptures, both of the Old and New Testament, are made up of two different doctrines differing fundamentally from each other, viz., the Law and the Gospel.

What kind of ideas come to mind when you hear about the Law and the Gospel?

What is the purpose of each doctrine?

Law: teaches us what sin is (Romans 7:7)

Gospel: tells the good news that God provides for us freely (John 3:16)

Can anyone think of some examples of Law?

Can anyone think of some examples of Gospel?

Example of Law:

Mark 12:30-31
Ten Commandments

Example of Gospel:

Galatians 5
Romans 1:16
Col. 1:13-14

What is the common key for all of these passages?

The Gospel is what fulfills the law and gives it its full meaning according to Jesus. (Matt. 5:17-18)

Law is not the Old Testament and Gospel the New Testament parts of both doctrines can be found throughout the entire Bible. Jesus was in fact one of the greatest teachers of the Law. (Matthew 5-7 Sermon on the Mount)

What happens if we mix elements of the two doctrines?

Dividing the doctrines is a key fulcrum upon which Christianity degenerates into hollow moralism, as our faith becomes a de facto works-righteousness. Erroring in regards to the second Law/Gospel distinction makes a bunch of people who are living under Law; not only are they incredibly difficult to be around, but they often end up in a pit of despair because they can't keep the Law.

Why is it important to divide between the two doctrines?

Thinking a different way about things if we followed the Law perfectly what purpose would Jesus serve?

What is the main purpose of the doctrines together?

Further Info:

God's No and God's Yes- C.F.W. Walther

Wretched of the Earth- Ryan Tinetti

Luther's Small Catechism with explanation

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Anonymous said...


I just wanted to let you know that I am so amazed by God's work in you. You're excitement and interest in the Word of God spreads through to everyone else around you. I'm sorry I missed the beginning of your Bible Study, but I was impressed by what you had planned and I heard a lot of good things about your Bible Study from everone else. Keep up the leadership you express in LSF, you're faith shows through in your personality and that encourages me and I'm glad to call you my brother in Christ.