Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Church at CMU

This is the outside of the church I realize it is dark I'll try to see if I can make that better soon.

The altar.

This is the room just outside the sanctuary where we have our fellowship and bible studies and what not.

This is our "famous" scrolling red sign. We describe our church by it often.


Webcritter said...

Thanks for posting the pictures!

Julie Veronica said...

Why is there a "moon-like" or "planet" looking thing in the picture of the alter?

Joe Fremer said...

Cool photos.

If I can blow my own horn for a sec, I had some fun with a photo of our chancel--turned it into a way to present our doctrines on our web site--a virutal "chancel tour."

You can see it at
it might give you some ideas if you wanted to do something similar...