Tuesday, February 28, 2006

If being nice were good enough....

At lunch today something was mentioned that I could not pass up as a start off for a post. One of my friends was talking about his brother and the fact that he was born with diabetes, epilepsy, and ADD for example.

My roommate and other good friend happened to say to this "and he's such a nice kid too. Being nice doesn't count for anything anymore." Or something along those lines.

In a way what he was saying is right. Being nice doesn't really gain us anything when it comes from gifts from God. Things like salvation after all are not earned and the only thing that we have to do to receive them is to be alive to accept them. This seems to be the hardest thing for many people I see to understand. There is nothing that can be done to merit the grace of God period. The fact that his son Jesus Christ died on the cross for us is what saves us and allows us into heaven.

It brings also another point that came up in my Christianity class today. We were discussing where Christianity would be in 100 years. Someone mentioned that they thought Muslims and Christians would begin to grow closer together, and also she wondered how they can not be closer right now since they are basically the same. Except for the fact that the basis of the religion is totally different.

The comment can not everyone say that as long as you believe something then it is find came up. Of course to someone who has no affiliation either was as she did this statement seems to make sense. I do not see the divide getting closer based on the fact that there is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ and his death for us on the cross. I guess in a way this kind of falls into the well at least they were a nice person category.

Any thoughts on whether we will somehow become closer with Muslims? Someone said we are already close with Jews it will only be a matter of time before we will be the same way with Muslims.


Joe Fremer said...

I find it really hard to see how we could ever even achieve peaceful coexistence with Muslims, at least the ones that are intent on conquering us.
Here's an article that explains why I say that:

As to people who think "we're basically the same," they really don't know what they're talking about. The only thing we have in common is monotheism.

Are we close to the Jews? Not really. They (I mean the religious ones) are still waiting for Messiah. We say He's already been here.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the response I need to check that article out when I get a chance. I guess what they were saying with the Jews is that we are more friendly with them at least here in the US.