Sunday, July 09, 2006

Everyone says I can get it right now! Even God?

Through reading Is God Listening- making prayer a part of your life by Andrew E. Steinman a strange idea struck me. Our modern society is extremely focused on obtaining instant results. I must say that I myself am guilty of this all too common demand. I read my news online, I bank online and a various number of other tasks I handle online. The reasoning of this is that I want my results quickly. For instance today realizing that I needed a cable to connect my GPS to my computer on jumped on eBay and purchased in a matter of minutes. It will be shipped to me tomorrow. Even as little as a few years ago this simple online transaction would have taken some time to be played out if I needed to actually leave the house to make a purchase.

I have known that this has been something that plagues the world for some time but it has never really occurred to me as to what it may affect. The book as you may suspect raises the idea that our immediate results do not normally happen with our prayer lives. God does not care if we want to know right away he will answer us when he feels that the time is right and he will answer however he wants in our best interest. Maybe something that deserves to be looked at is the immediacy with which some expect God to answer them. It important for all of us to remember that God will always act in our best interest whether we can see it happening or not.

To me it seems that I often want that immediate result but it was interesting to have a different look on the way that God deals with and uses the prayers that we bring to him on our behalf.

Oh and just for fun the reason that I have a GPS is for one of my immediate result style hobbies of Geocaching. Check it out if you get the chance but don't say I didn't warn you if you get hooked.

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