Thursday, April 27, 2006


I was just thinking about the fact that I do not like coffee. Everyone always talks about their favorite coffee shop and what not. I guess maybe I am missing something, though I doubt it unless someone can convince me otherwise. Because I want to be a pastor and I don't like coffee it seems it may be an issue, not really in a serious way though. But hey according to a lot of people what is a service without the coffee. It's almost as if the coffee and donuts provide us some means of grace. Anyways maybe I will just stick to getting my caffeine from Mountain Dew. All that sugar has to be better for me anyways.


Anonymous said...

Dont feel bad, I hate coffee as well so my parishoners had better not have anything against tea or lemonaid. :)

Favorite Apron said...

Ah, but if you're still in college, you're too young for coffee anyway. It's an acquired taste. Grind your own and drink out of a proper cup. Church swill served in styrofoam isn't the same thing. Also, it's much improved by a shot of milk and a spoonful of nestle's quik.