Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Socialism and Evolution Don't Mix

Just like oil and water these two philosophies do not work together. I noticed that there are a lot of kids here at school who will argue that they agree with both of these ideas. Fundamentally though one person can not believe in both.

In a nut-shell evolution says the fit will survive. This means that those who can not make it in life on their own should die off since they are not fit for life.

Socialism on the other hand says we should help everyone even if they can not accomplish things on their own. It is an attempt to make everyone equal.

Clearly, you can not say that the people who are more successful therefore in their opinion superior for life should also be helping those who are not superior.

Personally I think both of these philosophies do not hold a lot of strength anyways but why do people seem to agree with both of them so often?

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Joe Fremer said...

To answer the question in your last, I suppose it's because many people just don't seem to think. Reason takes a back seat to what's trendy, cool, or socially acceptable. As Os Guinness wrote in The Gravedigger Files, the place of the question "is it true?" is now occupied by "is it plausible?"

You are on to something here. One of my profs dared me to take a question to another prof, the one who taught philosophy. He said, "Go ask Dr. ___ this question: 'If evolution is right, why is Nietzsche wrong?'" I didn't know enough to get the meaning of the question, so I didn't ask it, but I learned a lot from researching it!