Saturday, July 09, 2005


I did have a longer post planned but I got sidetracked when I came home from work. On my porch was the books I ordered from CPH late Tuesday night and here they were on Friday. Needless to say I am impressed. Well the book that I received and started glancing through was the Book of Concord readers edition. I have some of the things inside in bits and pieces but the layout of this particular version is great. I can't wait to be able to look into some of the great Lutheran doctrine that is waiting for me to learn about.

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Maggie Pratt said...

Hey it's maggie pratt! I've been reading your entries and have enjoyed each one so much. You have really inspired me, sometimes with a busy lifestyle it is really hard for me to find time for God, sometimes I feel that He thinks all I do is come for him when I need him and that's it. Anyways, I also really liked your dentist story haha because I just went to the dentist too and found that I had a cavity. I will start to read these more, and by golly I hope I go to the church that you preach at someday, you're going to be the best. Talk to you soon!