Monday, July 18, 2005

Older than Sin?

If you read this blog at all you probably know that I work in a photolab. Well the other day a lady came in and picked up some film and she said she had no idea what was on the rolls because she had just found them in her house or something. Then she preceded to say that they must be "older than sin".

I wonder if she was truly thinking when she stated this. Surely she could not have been taking pictures before sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden. (see Genesis 3). It made me want to respond but due to the fact that this could lead to me making the situation not good I elected to let it go. It really got me thinking about some of the things that we say in life that really make no sense. Another common one is "I swear to God." Clearly this is worse than the first expression because you can not really swear to God that something is true. Plus that is being pretty careless with the name of the one who can decide to squish you like an ant if he felt so inclined. Not that really happens all that much or at all. That is due mostly to the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ blotted out these sins, with his blood, in the eyes of his father.

If anyone can think of anymore phrases that we say that clearly don't make sense in the world feel free to post them.


Ryan P.T. said...

"Good luck."

We pray thee, god of fortune, to accompany our friend in his way, that you--while in your very nature random and capricious--would shine your gracious face on him in your favor. nema.

Joe Fremer said...

"No time like the present."


there is no time, except the present.

You like these things? I got a whole bunch of 'em somewhere.

I had a fantasy once, about writing a series of reverse devotionals, sort of an anti-Portals of Prayer.

Reverse, because instead of starting with Scripture and drawing thoughts from it illustrated with comparisons from today, I envision starting with the "wisdom of the world" contained in little epithets and proverbs, and examining each to see how it stands up to Scripture.

At one time I had a list of such things, like thirty of 'em (many from Poor Richard's Almanack), but I lost the list in a hard drive crash, and never went back to the project. But I still fantasize once in a while. And every so often one shows up in my monthly newsletter page.

How's Jon, by the way?

Andrew said...

Thanks for the ideas so far guys. My dad is doing good I'll update in my blog the situation. Joe if you wanted to put something together with these kinds of phrases compared to scripture. I think that would be a great project.