Thursday, July 28, 2005

Learning God with a Little Help From My Friends

In case you noticed the title of this post is sort of a play on a Beatles song. And well lately I have been slightly out of "tune" with what everyone else has already realized. Sure I know that the Law is something that can't be followed and the Gospel is what saves us. But I still have a tendency to mix a little Law in with my Gospel. Thinking that if I could follow something I would not necessarily earn my salvation but that I would just feel a little better about myself. Or that if I could not "do that" I would be a better Christian and person. Of course I am never doing anymore than lying to my own face. Jesus makes it so clear in his sermon on the mount. That even the slightest breaking of the Law is still breaking it and in fact that breaks the entire thing. Gee, I'm glad that their was someone who could take that weight off my back.

Of course that person/God was Jesus. He came from heaven to say "Don't worry I'll take care of the Law you just try to live as an example to others of what I have done. You will fail but with me you will be lifted up and made right." This is what I finally realized sometimes with all of our "what have you done talk" we begin to cloud the borders of Law and Gospel. This is clearly not acceptable!

Now on to the friends part. These posts were inspired by recent posts made by Ryan over at Wretched of the Earth and Joe at The Grateful Christian. They have really said some thinks that the Holy Spirit has taken a hold of in my mind and is letting me know that if I fail and sin. Which I will do no matter what. I just need to look to the cross and I can instantly be assured that I will be picked right back up as if I never did anything wrong in the first place. To dwell on the places that we fail is to focus on the Law when the Law is not meant to be a focal point but rather an arrow that points to the saving grace of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank you Lord for being able to account for my sins by following the simple rules that I could never dream of following so that one day I may be with you in eternity.

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Joe Fremer said...

Aww, shucks! (blush) Thank you, Andrew. I am happy to be counted among your friends.

Wanna hear something funny? Back in the day, when that song was still a relatively recent hit, I was walking down the church hall to my Sunday School class when I overheard another teacher talking to her middle-school class about the song. "Now, you know that John Lennon's 'friends' are pills, right? What kind of pills do you think he meant, class? 'Reds'? 'Bennies'?..." I was aghast. It never occurred to me to think of this as a drug song. And I sure wasn't comfortable with this matronly lady pushing her interpretation of a song on her impressionable kids. Kinda spoiled the song for me, for a while, since I was (am) kinda stupid about drugs, and couldn't say for sure that she was wrong.

Anyway, thank you, Andrew. I enjoy reading your blog, and I love its name.