Saturday, July 23, 2005

God's "Planned" Struggles

Our Lord places obstacles in the lives of those who he deems strong enough to overcome them, so that through these obstacles others can see the source of strength which the challenged being feeds on. Thus when things happen to us that we can not understand we must not dwell on what the implications for us are but realize that the challenge is being used for the Lord in ways we may never even know.

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Joe Fremer said...

Great insight, Andrew! You might want to take in the theological convocation at St. Louis seminary in September, they will be talking about that whole "problem of evil" thing.

Years ago, they had salesmen who went door-to-door, selling all kinds of stuff. Vacuum cleaner salesmen brought with them a square of carpet that they would plop down, dump dirt all over, and use it as a demonstrator to show the wonderful cleaning power of their product.

Sometimes we get to be the carpet square, for God to make His demonstration on us before the watching eyes of the world.